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The Twenty-Three "Source-Texts"

of Avatar Adi Da Samraj


In late 1969, in the brief period of three weeks, Avatar Adi Da wrote the original text of His literary masterwork, The Mummery Book. His writing of this book — which proved to be a remarkable prophecy of His Work to come — was the beginning of His immense Work of communicating His Revelation of Truth in words, both written and spoken.

This outpouring lasted for 30 years, coming to a summary point in the years 1997—1999. During that period, Avatar Adi Da created a series of twenty-three books that He designated as His "Source-Texts".

He incorporated into these books His most essential Writings and Discourses from all the preceding years, including many Writings and Discourses that had never been published previously.

His "Source-Texts" are thus His Eternal Message to all. They contain His full Divine Self-Confession and His fully detailed description of the entire process of Awakening, culminating in seventh stage Divine Enlightenment.

Through the Revelation contained in His twenty-three "Source-Texts", Avatar Adi Da has brought to completion the search for Spiritual Truth that has occupied humankind for millennia.

Looking at our current human situation in particular, He has demonstrated the untenability (and, indeed, the remarkable naivete, not to mention the negative influence) of the scientific materialist point of view, the point of view that (by asserting that the physical reality is the "only" and senior reality) creates an environment of doubt relative to everything beyond the physical domain — everything Divine, everything Spiritual, even everything psychic.

And looking "back" at our entire history, He has "made sense" out of the welter of differing viewpoints in the Great Tradition, demonstrating how they do, in fact, constitute a single (although complex) "design".

And He has Made the Supreme Divine Offering that goes beyond what has ever been offered before — the Way that Realizes Permanent Indivisible Oneness with Him, the "Bright" Divine Reality Itself.

The twenty-three "Source-Texts" of Avatar Adi Da Samraj include:

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