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The Seventeen Companions

Of The True Dawn Horse - part 2


The "True Dawn Horse" is a reference to The Dawn Horse Testament Of The Ruchira Avatar. Each of The Seventeen Companions Of The True Dawn Horse is a "Companion" to The Dawn Horse Testament in the sense that it is an elaboration of a principal theme (or a group of principal themes) from The Dawn Horse Testament.

The Seventeen Companions Of The True Dawn Horse are a vast field of Revelation, which can be "considered" from many points of view.

Presented here is one way of understanding the interrelationships between these "Source-Texts". Below is the second portion of the flow of Argument they collectively represent.

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Revelations of Divine Oneness, Divine Spiritual Transmission, and the means of conforming the body-mind to the Divine Spiritual Process


He-and-She Is Me
The Indivisibility Of Consciousness and Light
In The Divine Body Of The Ruchira Avatar

One of Avatar Adi Da's most esoteric Revelations — His Primary "Incarnation" in the Cosmic domain as the "He" of the Divine Consciousness, the "She" of the Divine Light, and the "Son" of "He" and "She" in the "Me" of His Divine Spiritual Body.


Ruchira Shaktipat Yoga
The Divine (and Not Merely Cosmic)
Spiritual Baptism In The Divine Way Of Adidam

The Divine Heart-Power (Ruchira Shakti) uniquely Transmitted by Avatar Adi Da Samraj, and how it differs from the various traditional forms of Spiritual Baptism, particularly Kundalini Yoga.


Ruchira Tantra Yoga
The Physical-Spiritual (and Truly Religious) Method Of Mental, Emotional, Sexual, and Whole Bodily Health and Enlightenment In The Divine Way Of Adidam

The transformation of life in the realms of money, food, and sex. Includes: understanding "victim-consciousness"; the ego as addict; the secret of how to change; going beyond the "Oedipal" sufferings of childhood; the right orientation to money; right diet; life-positive and Spiritually auspicious sexual practice, and so on.

The six potential stages of ego-based life,
and the Divine seventh stage of life


The Seven Stages Of Life
Transcending The Six Stages Of egoic Life, and Realizing The ego-Transcending Seventh Stage Of Life, In The Divine Way Of Adidam

The stages of human development from birth to Divine Enlightenment. How the stages relate to physical and esoteric anatomy. The errors of each of the first six stages of life, and the unique egolessness of the seventh stage of life. Avatar Adi Da's Self-Confession as the first, last, and only seventh stage Adept-Realizer.


The All-Completing and Final
Divine Revelation To Mankind

A Summary Description Of The Supreme Yoga Of The Seventh Stage Of Life In The Divine Way Of Adidam

The ultimate secrets of Divine Enlightenment — including the four-stage Process of Divine Enlightenment, culminating in Translation into the Infinitely Love-Blissful Divine Self-Domain.

Five Comprehensive Views of
the Practice of Adidam


What, Where, When, How, Why,
and Who To Remember To Be Happy

A Simple Explanation Of The Divine Way Of Adidam
(For Children, and Everyone Else)

A text written specifically for children but inspiring to all — with accompanying Essays and Talks on Divine Ignorance, religious practices for children and young people in the Way of Adidam, and the fundamental practice of whole bodily devotion to Avatar Adi Da Samraj.


No Seeking / Mere Beholding
The Always Primary Practice Of
The Divine Way Of Adidam

A comprehensive summary of the always primary practice of the Way of Adidam — which is searchless Beholding of Avatar Adi Da Samraj — including detailed Instruction relative to rightly participating in the unique opportunity of retreat in Avatar Adi Da's physical Company.


Santosha Adidam
The Essential Summary Of
The Divine Way Of Adidam

An extended overview of the entire course of the Way of Adidam, based on the esoteric anatomy of the human being and its correlation to the progressive stages of life.


The Lion Sutra
The "Perfect Practice" Teachings
In The Divine Way Of Adidam

Practice in the ultimate stages of the Way of Adidam. How the practitioner of Adidam approaches — and passes over — the "Threshold" of Divine Enlightenment.


The Overnight Revelation Of Conscious Light
The "My House" Discourses On
The Indivisible Tantra Of Adidam

A vast and profound "consideration" of the fundamental Tantric principles of true Spiritual life and the "Always Already" Nature of the Divine Reality.

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