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The Revelatory Art of Adi Da Samraj


Adi Da's sillhouette while using a cameraAfter spending thirty years creating a Teaching-Revelation in words, Avatar Adi Da has, in recent years, begun to create a body of artistic imagery that "speaks" as eloquently and fully of that Divine Process as does His Word.

Through His art, Avatar Adi Da offers His direct (non-verbal and non-conceptual) Revelation of Truth, of Reality, of Real God, of the nature of human existence, and of the process of transcending the limitations of human existence.

Since 1998, Avatar Adi Da has concentrated in exploring the artistic potential of the photographic medium. In the few years since then, He has created a staggering body of artistic work — currently over 50,000 images — an oeuvre that is constantly growing.

Many of Adi Da's images are highly sophisticated and complex multiple exposures, often involving more than two (and even as many as ten or more) superimposed layers.

Photographic imageAdi Da always creates His multiple-exposed images in camera, never in the darkroom or by digital means. This "method", essential to achieve the visual result He intends, requires not only great artistry but also extraordinary powers of visual memory.

Adi Da is not a "photographer", as such. Rather, He creates large-scale works of "light-imagery", using photographic (and also videographic) technology.

He relates to His photographic negatives as "blueprints", using them as the basis for making "monumental fabrications".

To date, these fabrications include large-scale pigmented inks on canvas, plasma screen installations, and multi-media screen-projected performance events — with additional forms of fabrication planned for the future.

These fabricated works frequently involve the grouping of multiple images in specific combinations and configurations.

He designs His fabrications to be "monumental" — by which He specifically means larger in size than the human body — so that the viewing of them engages the entire body and mind, not merely the eye and head.

Quandra Loka

(The Indivisible Space of Conscious Light)

Quandra Loka Suite catalog coverSince September 2002, Avatar Adi Da has been working on a vast Suite, which He describes as being of "indefinite length".

Quandra Loka currently comprises over 21,000 Images — and Avatar Adi Da continues to work on it.

A large-format catalog has been printed with 52 exquisite plates from Quandra Loka, including both single Images and Images in groups of 2, 3, 4, and 9.

The catalog text includes an introductory essay by art critic Donald Kuspit, a biography of Adi Da Samraj, His artist's statement, and His statement relative to the Quandra Loka Suite. The Quandra Loka catalog can be ordered online at, where you also can...

  • - See many examples of Avatar Adi Da's image-art.
  • - Read His artist's statement.
  • - Consider what critics are saying about His art.
  • - Contact Da Plastique about acquiring His art.

It is a rare artist who can convey, convincingly, the sense of being face to face with the source of being. Adi Da can clearly live in the depths without succumbing to their pressure, bringing back pearls of art to prove it.

Indeed, again and again Adi Da's photographs convey a sense of aesthetic as well as physical ecstasy. Virtually all of his images are masterpieces of abstraction — ecstatic visions...that are simultaneously formal epiphanies.

Art critic; Professor of art and philosophy;
Author, Redeeming Art: Critical Reveries,
and numerous other publications

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