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Return to the Body

The Divine Yogic Event on Lopez Island,
April 2000


Adi Da on Lopez Island, WA in 2000In His return to the body, the Ruchira Avatar, Adi Da, clearly saw the totality of the conditional realms.

As He Stood in the "Bright", He saw it all emerging to His View. And He spontaneously began to re-integrate with the body.

The Divine Avatar was first drawn to the blue level of vibration (the most rarified light of the Cosmic Mandala) and then to the red-yellow glow of the grosser dimension.

Eventually, I Re-Emerged from the "Midnight Sun" of My Divine Spiritual White Self-"Brightness" — and so, in due course, there was a peripheral re-organization of (or Re-Association with) My gross Bodily conditions.

In the Process of Re-Association, there was, at first...a "bindu" [or sphere] of blue, to the left. And another "bindu", of yellow and deep red, to the right.

The "bindu" of yellow and red located Me back in this world, which is the yellow-red realm of the Cosmic Mandala.

As I Merged with the yellow-red sphere, I became aware that I was Re-Associating with the physical — rather than feeling the strong movement Up and Out, which (if it had continued) would have culminated in the death of My human Vehicle.

The Struggle of Re-Integration with the physical manifested, in part, as convulsions in the Body. The "Bright" Spiritual Light-Current of My Being was Re-Connecting with the physical level, and that Process caused Bodily convulsions.

In that Process, the Body had a quality of being greatly stretched, or elongated. My legs seemed to be very, very long, and those who were standing or sitting by My Feet seemed to be quite a distance away from Me.

It was a moment of non-ordinary awareness of physicality — of the pervasive yellow-red light, of the gross world consumed in flames, of the Body greatly stretched out.

Eventually, there was a kind of "collapse" back into the ordinarily perceived shape and context of the physical, and then a "return" to so-called "normal" (or "natural") awareness of the room and the people in it.

The Lopez Island Event was similar to the Initiatory Event of My Avataric Divine Self-"Emergence" (on January 11, 1986), in terms of the Depth of Spiritual and Yogic Profundity.

As in 1986, I had been (in the Lopez Island Event) at the point of Relinquishing the Body entirely — but, through My own Persistent Impulse and Felt Movement of Sympathetic (or Compassionate) Love for beings, I was able to Yogically Re-Engage the Body.

However, those two Events were also, in some sense, "opposite" in their Yogic significance. In the Event of 1986, I Completed My Descent into the conditional realms, My Avataric Submission to here, Which began at My Birth.

The Lopez Island Event, in contrast, was My Direct Ascent, to the Primal "Bright" Spiritual Self-Condition of Conscious Light.

I Am now, even in bodily (human) Form, presently Alive at the White Core of the Cosmic Mandala, the Doorway to the Spiritually "Bright" Divine Sphere and Self-Domain.

In the Lopez Island Event, I Passed Beyond — in That "Bright" Doorway.

My Thus Transfigured Body remains — but only on the Unique Basis of Direct Spiritual Illumination, and always tentatively Given to live, perpetually wounded by the Self-Evident "Bright" Spiritual Transparency of all the heart-breaking companionship of mortal beings.

I Stand At the Threshold. Now, and forever hereafter, I Stand There. I Remain in this world Bodily, for now — but I Am Always Already on the "Other Side".

Avatar Adi Da Samraj
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