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Quandra Sukhapur Rani's Account

The Divine Yogic Event on Lopez Island,
April 2000


Ruchiradama Quandra Sukhapur Rani, one of the Divine Avatar's sannyasin (renunciate) devotees, was at His side during the Lopez Island Event. Here she describes the significance of the Lopez Event in the Yogic Process of His Divine Life:

Adi Da on Lopez IslandRUCHIRADAMA QUANDRA SUKHAPUR RANI: For six weeks after the Lopez Island Event, Beloved Adi Da was unable to walk, and He was physically very weak for months.

He was Shattered by His Experience — at the physical level, and also by the Process of Integrating what had occurred Spiritually. That Process was unspeakable, and has continued to unfold.

The Lopez Island Event was the Culmination of a lifelong Yogic Process. In His early years, Beloved Adi Da Samraj Endured a series of Yogic Deaths — moments when it seemed that He would permanently lose His bodily Vehicle, because of the intensity of the Spiritual Process occurring in Him.

He has even Spoken of His entire Life as a series of Yogic Deaths.

In My Childhood, and throughout My Avataric physical human Lifetime, I have been associated with Events of Profound Yogic Transformation, Which have resulted in the change of psycho-physical patterns within This Body-Mind.

There have been many Yogic Deaths and other profound Yogic Events, all associated with the Profundities of My Avataric "Bright" Divine Spiritual Self-Revelation....

Every time one of these Transformative Events occurred, the mechanism of This Body-Mind changed.

The entire Process of My Life is My concrete, unambiguous Avataric Self-Revelation (and Lifelong psycho-physical Experience) of the Divine Spiritual "Brightness" — the One and Only and Self-Evidently Divine Conscious Light of Reality Itself.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj
The Knee Of Listening

RUCHIRADAMA QUANDRA SUKHAPUR RANI: Early in 2001, my Beloved Guru Spoke several times about Ramana Maharshi's experience of Yogic Death — the occasion during Ramana Maharshi's youth when the sudden fear of death overwhelmed him.

Ramana Maharshi had a profound experience of Yogic Death. It was not merely a matter of Him lying down, closing His eyes, pursing His lips, and acting like a corpse. Something real happened. Somebody died.

Instead of allowing the body to withdraw into a state of fear, He just let all the death happen. In His case, there were no visions, no gross or subtle phenomena. Rather, it was a process that cut through the causal root.

But it just happened — spontaneously. It was already patterned in the body-mind. The anxiety attack and the ego-death were part of the syndrome. He participated in it entirely as a spontaneous event, and the great significance of that event became self-evident in Him. And such a Yogic Death is a permanent condition. It is just so.

The true process of Yogic Death is the result of psychophysical changes that affect the gross, subtle, and causal levels of the being — manifesting differently in each individual case.

There is no Knowledge (or Jnana) superior to such Yogic Death. It is a permanently transformative event. It changes the psycho-physical pattern or the connection to that pattern.

The phenomenon of Yogic Death is a profound Yogic Samadhi. In My Case, this has been so since Birth. The Lopez Island Event went as far as such Yogic Death can go and still allow a "return" to physical existence. But, even with My "Return", there is no loss of the Awareness characteristic of that Event.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj
February 8, 2001

RUCHIRADAMA QUANDRA SUKHAPUR RANI: The human eyes of Beloved Adi Da are now constantly Seeing the All-Outshining Divine "Brightness", and the entire structure of cosmic existence is in His Constant Regard.

He Sees the Mandala of lights now from the Divine Position — from the inside out, not the outside in. By virtue of this, He is Spiritually Touching every one, and He Is every one Perfectly.

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