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Praise for "The Mummery Book"

of Adi Da Samraj


If Dylan Thomas and Buddha shared a soul, The Mummery Book is what I would expect from such a joining.

Poet; author, The Alchemy of Love

The story of Raymond Darling, in its lucid colors and fabulous imagery, reminds me of the short episodes in Finnegans Wake where Joyce demonstrates, in every way possible, the interpenetration of opposites, and the cyclical manifestations of "selves" throughout human history.

Indeed, the central stylistic achievement of The Mummery Book seems to be its undoing of the mummery of words: words ordinarily are deployed in books as serious and loyal ants, carrying their load of sense to their destinations.

Adi Da's poetic inventions make words crackle and swoon, pound and soothe with suggestion and insistence.

Professor of English Literature, Wake-Forest University;
author, The Persistence of Memory and Chaosmos: Literature, Science, and Theory

The Mummery Book is brilliant in all its aspects. It would be hard to express my happiness at the way it breaks and exposes the heart of the world.

Living and working as a writer for many decades, I have not encountered a book like this, that mysteriously and unselfconsciously conveys so much of the Unspeakable Reality.

Poet; author, Love Had a Compass
and (with Thomas Merton) A Catch of Anti-Letters

In The Mummery Book, Adi Da Samraj has created an astonishing work which, through a skillful weaving of mind-challenging techniques, seems to re-define the very essence and usage of the English language, in much the same way as Shakespeare restructured it almost half a millennium ago, and, it seems to me, for a similar purpose — to offer, through an autobiographical exploration, a heart-opening invitation to feel the human spiritual journey at its core.

Actor — many roles on the stage, in movies, and on television;
Recipient of six Gemini awards for excellence on Canadian Television

Certainly ranks with Faust, Siddhartha, the Bhagavad Gita and other amazing masterworks which chronicle the awakening of the individual soul to its true Self. But, most amazing, it has been written in our own era!

Founder and Artistic Director, Odyssey Theatre Ensemble,
Los Angeles, California

The prose of The Mummery Book paints and chants, while language buckles and soars; as if Gertrude Stein had met Ramana Maharshi, Joyce had a vision of St. Francis, Beckett had not got stuck where he got stuck.

For this reader, any real comparison would have to go back to Hamlet or Lear. Death and the absence of love CANNOT be accepted. Life is not ordinary. No complacency avails. There is no escape from the divine drama of everything.

An explosive mixture of pain and joy creates an apocalyptic heart-melting crisis. This is our own drama.

Author, Shakespeare as Traditional Artist

The Mummery Book is Book Six of
The Seventeen Companions Of The True Dawn Horse

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