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'I am here to Embrace everyone' - Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Praise for the Visual Art

of Adi Da Samraj


Adi Da's Art is a paradoxical experience, a multi-dimensional one, a revelatory one, a liberating one, an ordeal also, a participation that is extraordinary....

In my opinion, this is utterly a Work of great genius, completely original and inspiring, a great gift to humanity, human culture, and the world of art.

Fine Art Publisher, Custom and Limited Editions

Adi Da's Work is a modern-day religious icon that communicates multiple levels of reality. Adi Da's exploration of mind, memory, the human psyche, is complex and multi-dimensional.

This is the sacred art of our time.

Professor of Photography (retired),
Rhode Island School of Design

Adi Da is inviting us to see that art is capable of relating to the world in a way that reflects a truer understanding of reality than our present culture is willing to acknowledge.

It is also clear that the spiritual nature of His art lies not in any idealistic consideration of what ought to be, but in its insistence that we open our eyes and see what is; that that requires us to enter into a relationship, one in which we accept the fact of mystery, but gain a greater sense of meaning, and of affirmation.

Art historian, University of Ulster

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