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Adidam as Guru-Devotion


Avatar Adi Da SamrajThe recognition of Avatar Adi Da Samraj as the very Divine Person and Presence — visible to one's eyes, and Standing in one's heart — is the basis of the Way of Adidam.

Adidam is a relationship — the devotional and Spiritual relationship to Avatar Adi Da Samraj.

This is how He Works in this world, through drawing those who recognize Him into the highest form of relationship available to human beings.

Greater than the passion between lovers or the blood-bond between parent and child is the time-honored devotional relationship to the Guru, or Realized Master. Such a one is capable of Transmitting his or her own Spiritual state to the serious aspirant.

To come to the point where your life is a serious matter of real Spiritual practice is rare. Generally speaking, people are not serious. They are ego-possessed, preoccupied, distracted, thinking, talking, pretending. Mummery [or "a mock show"] is the life that is chosen.

To be serious — and to be serious in every moment, unable to be abstracted from Reality — is a profound matter. What will it take in your case?

Avatar Adi Da Samraj
March 24, 2003

In these words, Avatar Adi Da Samraj is speaking as Guru to those who have chosen the relationship to Him as the basis of their lives. And He is speaking to everyone who would be moved to that choice based on the recognition of His Divine Nature and the helplessness of the individual ego to find the way of Truth without a Guide.

The Guru-Function, truly exercised, has never been a public matter. The relationship to the Guru is esoteric, or hidden from the ordinary view, because it cannot be understood in conventional terms.

The Ruchira Avatar, Adi Da Samraj, has never Instructed in a public setting. His Work has always been to undo the egoic structure of the being, and so He has lived and Worked with His devotees in places set apart-Ashrams dedicated to the devotional and Spiritual practice of the relationship to Him.

For the relationship to the Guru to be genuinely Liberating, there must be surrender of heart and body and mind on the part of the devotee. That surrender comes about through an irresistible attraction to the Guru that is deeper than falling in love. The attractive force that moves the devotee is the living Spiritual Radiance that shines through the Guru.

Recognizing this Spirit-Force, the conviction awakens that the Guru is true, that the Guru has the power to Liberate and Enlighten the devotee. It is said traditionally: "When the disciple is ready, the Guru appears." But to find a truly great Guru has always been acknowledged to be very rare.

There is no relationship that requires more responsibility, more feeling-discrimination, more maturity, more passion to go beyond the world, than the relationship to a true Guru.

Such a relationship is not based on rituals, or traditional teachings. It is a living process.

The devotee enters into this relationship in complete freedom, and persists in complete freedom, drawn by a deepening revelation of the power of the Guru to do and to give what is perfect for one's Liberation.

The Guru's power to know the devotee's most intimate thoughts, and the karmic obstacles with which the devotee struggles, is astonishing, and inspires great faith in the Guru.

As one grows stronger in the knowledge that the process is authentic, one does not hesitate to follow the words and instructions of the Guru exactly.

At the same time, one is moved to care for the Guru, to show him or her honor and respect in every way, and to serve and advance the purposes of the Guru.

The sadhana, or Spiritual practice, at the feet of a true Guru is very demanding, because the devotee is being purified of all obstructions to Spiritual Awakening — obstructions that have been reinforced for lifetimes. One is required to go beyond personal preferences and desires — and the ego does not want to do this. So the Guru uses skillful means.

The Guru's ways of dealing with the devotee are mysterious, spontaneously designed according to what is needed for each individual's Spiritual growth.

The Guru knows everything that the devotee is going through in the course of sadhana, and, whatever happens, the Guru never abandons the devotee. The Guru's tests loosen the devotee's bondage to ego and cement the relationship more strongly. Sadhana at the feet of a true Guru is a sacrificial life in which attention is constantly turned to the Guru, and, thereby, to what is greater than the world.

Thus, in time, by the Guru's Grace, an equanimity is established that is not confounded by the twists of fate or the certainty of death. All of this is absolutely true in the devotional and Spiritual relationship with the Ruchira Avatar, Adi Da.

In the living, breathing daily experience of heart-surrender to Him, a depth is revealed that is not about being "satisfied", in the ego-sense. Sensitivity to the futility of ordinary goals and a growing awareness of the vast and Luminous Reality, here Present, overcome every concern.

Amazing synchronicities and miracles begin to occur in one's life and an unshakable faith in the Divine Avatar is born. There is an ever-widening recognition that His Appearance on earth has huge implications, not only for oneself, but for human beings altogether, and their common future.

While the Way of Adidam has similarities to the traditions of Guru-devotion, this Spiritual Way has only now been Given in His Incarnation. It is a most extraordinary Calling to participate in the Guru-devotee relationship with Real God in Person.

Great intensity, great thirst for Truth, is required to live this relationship to Avatar Adi Da Samraj and allow Him to Purify all one's inherited ideas and egoic notions of what "God" is like and what religion is about.

Yes! There is no religion, no Way of God, no Way of Divine Realization, no Way of Enlightenment, and no Way of Liberation that is Higher or Greater than Truth Itself....

I do not Call My devotees to become absorbed into a "cultic" gang of exoteric and ego-centric religionists....

I Give My devotees the "Bright" Conscious Light of My own Avatarically Self-Revealed Divine Person — by Means of Which Blessing-Gift they can become more and more capable of "Bright" Divine life.

I Call for the searchless free devotion, the intelligently discriminative self-understanding, the rightly and freely living self-discipline, and the full and freely functional capability of My devotees. I do not Call My devotees to resist or eliminate life, or to strategically escape life, or to identify with the world-excluding ego-centric impulse.

I Call My devotees to live a positively functional life. I do not Call My devotees to strategically separate themselves from the natural vitality of life, or to suppress the participatory impulse naturally associated with human existence.

I Call for all the human life-functions to be really and rightly known, and to be really and rightly understood, and to be really and rightly lived — and not reduced by (or to) the inherently bewildered (and inherently "cultic", or self-centered and fearful) "point of view" of the separate and separative ego-"I"....

I Call for every human life-function and faculty to be revolved away from self-contraction (or ego-"I").

I Call for every human life-function and faculty to be always directly (and thoroughly) aligned and adapted to Me, in the truly ego-transcending manner — and (Thus and Thereby) to be turned and Given to the Realization of My Divine Avataric Spiritual Self-Revelation of Truth, or Reality Itself — Which Is the "Bright" and Only Real God.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj
"Do Not Misunderstand Me"

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