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Adidam as a Divine Transmission-Process


Avatar Adi Da's own experience was unique, but His Divine Radiance, in the form of the "Bright" and the "Thumbs", is Transmitted to His devotee, when he or she prepares and formally comes to Him for His Spiritual Initiation.

Just as He Combined with His own body-mind via the "Thumbs", Avatar Adi Da Samraj Spiritually Transmits to others His very Nature and Condition.

Adidam is a Divine Transmission-Process — in which the Ruchira Avatar, Adi Da, is Moved to Radiate His "Bright" Condition to His devotees in Response to their demonstrated devotion.

The only Liberating discovery is that My Avataric Divine Spiritual Presence is Real, able to be tangibly experienced under any and all circumstances.

It is not about imagining My Spiritual Presence or manipulating yourself. None of that is satisfying, in any case.

To searchlessly Behold Me and, in the midst of it, to notice My Spiritual Presence tangibly moving upon you in your real experience — this is the great and Liberating discovery, the only Satisfaction.

Ultimately, it is the only Satisfaction in life. Everything else is temporary, conditional, ego-based, and disheartening.

Only the discovery of the tangible Reality of That Which Is Divine is heartening and Liberating and Satisfactory.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj
March 24, 2003

The usual Spiritual endeavor is an effort "from the ground up", a search to refine the being so that it is capable of ascending to what is above.

The Way of the Divine Avatar, Adi Da, demonstrates the opposite process-from Above to below. Avatar Adi Da Samraj literally Descends — in the form of His Spiritually Transmitted Presence — into the body-mind of His devotee.

The Spiritual Transmission of Avatar Adi Da Samraj is received as a tangible, Blissful Current of Spirit-Force and breathed Down from head to toe.

To experience this undeniable Spirit-Force coming upon you from Beyond is incomprehensibly profound. It is a "washing" of the entire being that purifies and opens the knotted-up body and mind.

The Way develops as a profundity of Spiritual unfolding, spontaneous purification, and transformation of the various modes of the body-mind (gross, subtle, and causal) — you turned to Me in every faculty of the body-mind.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj
March 24, 2003

In this process, the flesh body is literally "Brightened" by the Divine Avatar's Spiritual Radiance, and a fundamental shift occurs in the way one sees the world. The ordinary point of view about reality — that regards existence as merely gross, or material — no longer appears true.

Reality is seen and felt and known to be Spiritual in nature. This transformation of view is a Yogic event, not a mental process. It occurs directly through the Grace of Avatar Adi Da's Spiritual Infusion of the body.

As this Spiritual process unfolds, one is no longer dominated by the conceptual mind, or bound to its chatter, because the being is being drawn deeper — in meditation and daily life — to something more compelling and real.

What is infinitely more attractive than the mind is the "Bright", the Radiant Heart-Fullness of Reality Itself. Ultimately, the "Bright" is Where one Stands perpetually — waking, dreaming, and sleeping.

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