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'I am here to Embrace everyone' - Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Descent to the Toes

The Divine Yogic Event on the Island of Naitauba,
January 1986


Early in 1986, Avatar Adi Da was living at Adidam Samrajashram, His island Hermitage in Fiji. At this point in His life, the Divine Avatar had been receiving and freely Instructing devotees for fourteen years. As He said, "I allowed all to be exactly what they are."

On that basis, face to face with every human quality and egoic tendency, He had given form to His Divine Teaching in its universal scope. The previous year He had completed His primary Scriptural Text — The Dawn Horse Testament Of The Ruchira Avatar.

In this monumental book, He had encompassed every detail of the unique Yogic Process of Realizing the "Bright". He had done everything for His devotees' most perfect Awakening.

But He was deeply Frustrated in His Intention. He did not see in His devotees the signs of real disillusionment with ordinary life and unambiguous embrace of Spiritual practice.

On January 11, 1986, in complete Despair at what He felt to be the failure of His Life's Work, Avatar Adi Da Samraj was speaking on an intercom telephone to devotees in a neighboring building when He dropped the telephone. Devotees came running to His House to find Him collapsed and apparently unconscious.

He had fallen into a deep Yogic "Swoon" in which only the faintest of life-signs persisted. Avatar Adi Da Samraj was lifted from the floor onto His bed, while His distraught devotees called out to Him not to leave.

Suddenly, one of the devotees supporting His body felt the life-force shoot through Him. His arms flung out in an arc, and His body straightened. His face contorted into a wound of Love and tears began to flow from His eyes.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj began to rock forward and backward in a rhythm of sorrow. He reached out His hands, as though He were reaching out to touch everyone in a universal embrace. He whispered in a voice choked with Passion, "Four billion people! The four billion!" — meaning all the human beings then living on the planet.

Later, the Divine Avatar spoke of the great import of what had occurred. In the depth of that Yogic "Swoon", the process of the "Thumbs" that began in His Infancy had Spontaneously completed itself.

Until now, Avatar Adi Da Samraj Himself had not been aware that His Avataric Descent was still partial. From the age of two, He had Sympathetically participated in the conditions of human life.

But now there was further Revelation. By virtue of those decades of utter Submission to the human State, the Divine Yoga of His Descent had truly become complete. He Knew, and His devotees could observe without a doubt, that the Spirit-Force of the "Bright" had now Come all the way Down.

By this fullest Descent into His own human Body, the Divine Avatar was, thereby, embracing to the root the plight of all human beings. As He later described:

On many occasions, I had Confessed to My devotees that I wished I could Kiss every human being on the lips, Embrace each one bodily, and Enliven each one from the heart.

But That Impulse could not possibly be fulfilled in This Body. I could never have such an opportunity.

However, in the Great Event of January 11, 1986, I Realized-in that Incarnating Motion, that Sympathetic Acceptance of the body and its sorrow and its death — a Means of Fulfilling My Impulse to Kiss each and all.

In that Great Event, I spontaneously Made a different kind of Gesture toward all, which was (in some fundamental sense) the equivalent of the Bodily Embrace that I would Give to all human beings, and even to all who are self-conscious and dying in this place — by Fully Assuming This Body, in the apparent likeness of all, and Accepting the sorrow of mortality without the slightest reservation.

In some sense, that day was My Birth Day.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj
The Knee Of Listening

In the weeks and months following this epochal Event, the devotees of Avatar Adi Da Samraj experienced a huge change in Him.

Adi Da at The Mountain Of Attention Sanctuary in 1986His Power to Bless human beings was vastly magnified, because He had assumed the human state completely. His Body was Perfectly Full of His Divine Love-Bliss. His Eyes Burned with His Urgency to Awaken beings.

He put on the orange clothing of a traditional Sannyasin, or renunciate, and left Fiji for the United States and Europe. There He "Wandered" in the manner of a Sannyasin, fiercely free of all worldly ties.

To merely behold Him was to be drawn into His Samadhi. His Body had become perfectly transparent to His Divine State. Human beings could now, through devotional contemplation of Him, receive the Transmission of the "Bright" as never before.

On January 11, 1986, I Became This Body — Utterly. And My Mood is different. My Face is sad, but not without Illumination.

Now I Am the Murti, the Icon — Full of My own Avatarically Self-Transmitted Divine Spiritual Presence, but also Completely what you are, Suffered constantly. I have no distance whatsoever from this suffering anymore.

I am In the Body now — more than you.

I Am This Body, down to its depth — Invading these cells, these toes, this flesh, more profoundly than has ever occurred in human time.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj
The Knee Of Listening

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