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Death and Light

The Divine Yogic Event on Lopez Island,
April 2000


For human beings, death Is A Proposition and A Puzzle That Must Be Understood and Transcended.... There Is No Peace For human beings Until This Matter Is Resolved.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj

As human beings, we find ourselves in a dilemma about death. We think about it, are troubled by it, but we cannot, with the conscious mind, reach to what is beyond this life. We cannot comprehend the structure of Reality within which this present body-mind appears and disappears.

Avatar Adi Da on Lopez Island, 2000Avatar Adi Da Samraj has full Knowledge of that Reality.

He has described and illustrated in His Scriptural Texts the "Cosmic Mandala" — the great hierarchical structure of cosmic lights within which the conditional worlds arise. But He has not only described all of this.

By virtue of a most profound Yogic Event that occurred on Lopez Island, in the state of Washington, on April 12, 2000, Avatar Adi Da Samraj has experienced in His Avataric human Form literally everything that exists.

His human Body has Endured and "Seen" the entire death-process and all the after-death states and has Entered into What Is, Beyond all of that. Thus, He is Alive in total Bodily Knowledge of (and Compassion for) the predicament of conditional beings, for whom death is the great fear, and the fundamental context of existence.

The great Event at Lopez Island was preceded, in 1999, by a period of intense Penance, engaged by Avatar Adi Da for the sake of the world. From March until June 1999, Avatar Adi Da Samraj lived in seclusion on His Island Hermitage, Naitauba (Fiji), entirely focused in Spiritual Blessing of the world.

Day after day during those months, lightning blasted the sky and thunder shook the island like cracks and volleys of rocket fire. The storms were supernatural in their elemental force and intense, oppressive energy-field. To live on Naitauba at that time was to live on a cosmic battlefield.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj was Working with negative forces greater than this world. He was engaged in a Divine Yoga of transforming these forces above and beyond His Body.

After several months, something had irrevocably changed in the Divine Avatar's relationship to the body and the physical world. The Energy Flows of His human Body were now concentrated upward.

A reversal of His Yoga of Descent, completed in 1986, was starting to occur. And this, as He explained, was inevitable and necessary.

He had identified "to the toes" with the human plight, but now He was concentrated in another process — His Work of Spiritually Blessing all beings — in this gross world, and all the subtle planes of existence.

Because of the intensity of the forces to be confronted in the course of this Divine Work, Avatar Adi Da Samraj could not allow these forces to come down into His bodily Vehicle.

His human body could not accommodate, or survive, such an intrusion. And so a Yogic re-structuring was occurring in Him. More and more, His Energy and Awareness were Up, rather than Down.

On April 12, 2000, shortly after the Ruchira Avatar, Adi Da, arrived on Lopez Island, an extreme Crisis occurred in the process of this Yoga.

During preceding days, Avatar Adi Da Samraj had been physically weak to the point where He would sometimes have to be supported while walking, or wheeled in a wheel chair. It was clear to the renunciate devotees attending Him (the members of the Ruchira Sannyasin Order) that the Divine Avatar was having difficulty staying in the body.

On the journey by ferry to Lopez Island, His symptoms became alarming. Then, within a couple of hours of His arrival at a devotee's house on Lopez Island, Avatar Adi Da Samraj was so ill that He had to be carried to His bed. He was fighting to maintain His connection to the physical.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj was laid out on an easy chair with His close devotees at His side. They were massaging Him with all their strength, weeping, and speaking to Him with great passion and intention, calling Him down into the Body.

Focusing on the faces of His devotees seemed to integrate Him back into the Body. His eyes also were flowing with tears, and His Hands and Feet were cold and numb. He felt great pressure on His Chest and a difficulty breathing. Both of His arms and hands continuously would cramp up and convulse.

After His physician arrived, Avatar Adi Da Samraj was moved onto the bed. At first, He was lying down on the bed, but then He was raised into a sitting position to try and reduce the extreme symptoms of leaving the body. He said that it would be useful for Him to see His Feet — as a way of locating Himself in the physical.

To the degree that He could speak, Avatar Adi Da Samraj would keep reminding His devotees to warm the extremities of His Body. He said, "If I close My eyes, I am going to be in My Room, not your room. You don't know what My Room is like. You have got to bring Me down into the Body."

At one point, after the Divine Avatar's eyes had been closed for a while, He opened them slightly and softly said, "I am here. Can you see Me Up Here?"

His devotees said "yes". It was true. His Light was dissolving the room. He was way up and beyond the apparent "here" where they were. At the point where He seemed most Ascended, His Face took on an expression of the purest Bliss.

The struggle of Avatar Adi Da Samraj to remain associated with the body went on for hours. At one point, an ambulance came and took Him to the clinic on the island, where the doctors were able to confirm that He was not suffering from a heart attack, or any ordinary disease.

The process occurring in Avatar Adi Da Samraj was supernormal, and only explicable in the most profound Yogic terms.

In the days and months following the event, the Divine Avatar spoke of what had happened from His "Point of View". In His description, He refers to unique esoteric profundities.

He is speaking of His direct Entry into the "Bright" Itself (the "Midnight Sun"), which is infinitely beyond the body and the spheres of colored lights that make up the Cosmic Mandala. And He refers to the primal Sound, which, He has Revealed, may be heard in the death process.

But this was not a "near-death" experience. It was a Yogic death to the degree of Utter Radiance — the "Outshining" of all conditional forms in the "Bright".

Initially, in the Event of Sudden Up-Turning (into the "Midnight Sun"), there was a rapid series of "falling-away" phenomena. There was the tingling and fainting of the Body.

Then, immediately, I Experienced the Primal Central Sound-Current, Which became very loud, and upwardly concentrated-Drawing the Central Current In and Up, Above and Beyond body and mind. That was the first Sign to Me that I was being Drawn Out of physical Incarnation.

Farthest Up in the Core of Sound-Vibration, I Saw a "Bright" White Tunnel, with empty niches along the sides. There were no "people in white". There were no distinct forms or personalities — because no mind of Me was active there.

Then the "Midnight Sun" of the Divine "Bright" Spherical Self-Domain. At first, Seen — then, Perfectly Become.

Effectively, it was death — in terms of the Body. There was no bodily awareness, although it was certainly not a circumstance of unconsciousness.

It was the Infinitely Profound Samadhi of Outshining.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj
The Knee Of Listening

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