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The Dawn Horse Testament


Dawn Horse Testament logoThe Dawn Horse Testament
Of The Ruchira Avatar

The "Testament Of Secrets"
Of The Divine World-Teacher,
Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Avatar Adi Da's paramount "Source-Text" is a complete summary of the entire Way of Adidam.

It flows seamlessly from His Self-Revelation in the Prologue and Sutra One:

  • ...through a "consideration" of His Life and Work, expositions of His fundamental Teaching-Arguments and the fundamental practices He Gives to His devotees, and incisive descriptions of the egoic patterns of individual beings and human collectives;
  • ...through the course of the stages of the Way of Adidam, culminating in seventh stage Divine Enlightenment;
  • the declaration of the Establishment of the Realization of the "Bright" and the Perpetual Revelation of the "Bright" via the Agency of His Work and Word and Person.

This Great Divine Testament is unparalleled in its magnitude and depth. No scripture like it has ever been seen before.

It is the first and only complete account of the entire Divine Way of utter ego-transcendence and dissolution in the "Brightness" of Real God.

The Dawn Horse Testament is truly the core of Avatar Adi Da's twenty-three "Source-Texts". Indeed, all of the "Five Books" and most of the "Seventeen Companions" are built around a central text drawn from The Dawn Horse Testament.

The Dawn Horse Testament is a marvel, to be treasured by the spiritual, the religious, and the scholarly of our time and of all ages to come.

The clarity and beauty of Truth in this scripture by Avatar Adi Da Samraj is unsurpassed in any other great text from any sacred path on Earth.

There are dozens, even hundreds, of passages of really incomparable Instruction on practice in Avatar Adi Da's Way of Adidam that bring His devotees to the cutting edge of human evolution and culture — for instance, His exquisite pages on "The Wound of Love".

The Realization of the One capable of this Work is breathtaking to contemplate. Read it and become Ecstatic and converted to His Way of the Heart.

Author, The Kundalini Experience:
Psychosis or Transcendence?

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