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Beyond Religion


The fullness of what Avatar Adi Da Samraj is Revealing to human beings is without precedent — not found in any past or present form of religion.

I am not here talking about any form of conventional or traditional religion. I am not communicating about any such "religion". I do not have anything to do with any such "religion". I am Communicating the Way of Realizing Reality Itself.

Therefore, I have no tradition to uphold, no tradition that represents Me. I am simply Speaking the Truth.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj
March 13, 2001

One of the unique fundamentals of the Divine Avatar's Teaching is that human beings, themselves, are preventing the Realization of Reality through something they are doing. Each one is contracting from Reality, presuming to be an ego, a separate self.

This ego-act — the act of self-contraction — is the source of all suffering and unhappiness.

The self-contraction makes human life into a constant drama of seeking — every kind of search to attain, or avoid, or identify with experience, high and low.

The purpose of Avatar Adi Da's early life was for Him to "Learn Man" — to enter into the entire range of human seeking and experiencing.

Around the age of two years, in a spontaneous gesture of Love toward those around Him, He relinquished His unbroken Samadhi of the "Bright" and identified with the self-contracted state of human beings.

At first, in His childhood and during studies at Columbia College (New York), Avatar Adi Da imbibed the world of ordinary life, exoteric (or belief-based) religion, and scientific materialism — in other words, the gross, or merely physical, view of reality.

Later, with His Gurus, Swami Rudrananda (in New York) and then Swami Muktananda (in India), He went beyond conventional life, and embraced the ancient Spiritual way of Guru-devotion.

In the relationships with His Teachers, He became concentrated in the esoteric point of view of the Yogis and their search for the Divine through the means of Kundalini Yoga.

With Swami Muktananda (and under the guidance of Swami Muktananda's Guru, Bhagavan Nityananda, who Instructed Him from the subtle plane), He Realized all the subtle experiences and Samadhis that are potential in the Siddha tradition.

While living at Swami Muktananda's Ashram in early 1970, Avatar Adi Da Samraj experienced the direct intervention of the Goddess-Power, or Shakti, revealing herself as a Divine Personality present to guide the final stages of His Sadhana.

Appearing in the forms of the Hindu goddess, Durga, and as the Virgin Mary of Christianity, the Shakti mysteriously led Avatar Adi Da on a pilgrimage of the major holy sites of Europe. There He spontaneously experienced the depth of the Western psyche in mystical Christian visions of extraordinary intensity.

Those visions, in their turn, faded, and His sadhana entered into the deep root-place where attention arises. In that meditative seclusion, resting prior to all experience, He fulfilled the goals described in the highest forms of Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta.

But none of this was sufficient for Avatar Adi Da Samraj. He was not diverted or satisfied by any temporary experience or limited point of view. Only the "Bright" Itself, His Native Divine State, was Sufficient.

And so He persisted in His unrelenting enquiry into Reality until the process fulfilled itself. Seated in the Vedanta Temple in Hollywood, California, on September 10, 1970, He suddenly knew that His Realization was unqualified and irrevocable. He was fully Re-Established in the "Bright".

After Re-Awakening to the "Bright", Avatar Adi Da continued to relate to the gross dimension, continued to see visions associated with the subtle dimension, continued to be aware of the causal depth.

But none of these experiences had (or have) any power to bind His attention. He Recognized that all these experiences — gross, subtle, and causal — were mere passing modifications of the "Bright" Reality Itself, unnecessary, temporary, and non-binding.

What His years of Sadhana had conclusively shown was this:

There is no mind-form that is Truth Itself....

I have accounted for all aspects of potential human experience that arise out of the Prior and Universal Unity...and I have done so on the basis of My direct Awareness of the different structures that come into play in each stage of life (or mode of development).

I Stand entirely Apart from the conventional "God"-ideas and conventional mythologies of exoteric religion. I am Communicating an Esoteric Way — and, therefore, the only-by-Me Revealed and Given Way of Adidam is the Completion and Fulfillment of the ancient tradition of (always Reality-based) esoteric Spirituality and Yoga.

I Say (and have always Said) to you: Reality Itself Is the Only Real God. Reality Itself (or Truth Itself) Is What there Is to Realize....

The Process of Realizing Reality Itself (or Truth Itself) is (inevitably) related to the structures of the human being, and to the structures of conditionally manifested existence (altogether) — but that Process is a matter of Realizing That Which Transcends all such conditional structures, and (indeed) all of conditionally manifested existence (itself).

Thus, in Making My Revelation about Reality (and the process of Realizing Reality), I am not merely Communicating a philosophy. Rather, I am Revealing Myself.

This — My Avatarically Self-Given Divine Self-Revelation — Is the Basis of the only-by-Me Revealed and Given Way of Adidam.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj
Real God Is The Indivisible
Oneness Of Unbroken Light

Through His Avataric Incarnation here, the Divine Person, Adi Da Samraj, has Revealed the entire structure of human bondage. He has literally broken the "ego-barrier" that apparently separates human beings from Divine Enlightenment, or Absolute Awakeness in and as the "Bright" Itself.

This is what the Avataric Global Mission of Adidam is about — the possibility for every being, through the devotional and Spiritual relationship to the Divine Avatar, Adi Da, to be Liberated from bondage to the play of experience and Awaken to Reality Itself, the "Bright".

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