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The Basket Of Tolerance

Seventeen Companions - part 3


The concluding volume of The Seventeen Companions Of The True Dawn Horse is The Basket Of Tolerance. Each of The Seventeen Companions is an elaboration of a principal theme (or a group of principal themes) from The Dawn Horse Testament.

The Seventeen Companions Of The True Dawn Horse are a vast field of Revelation, which can be "considered" from many points of view. The Basket Of Tolerance is the final portion of the flow of Argument that they collectively represent.

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The Total Spiritual "Effort" of Humanity
as a Unified (and Progressive) Process


The Basket Of Tolerance
The Perfect Guide To Perfectly Unified Understanding Of The One and Great Tradition Of Mankind, and Of The Divine Way Of Adidam As The Perfect Completing Of The One and Great Tradition Of Mankind

The Basket Of Tolerance is a book like no other — simultaneously an unprecedented Spiritual Revelation and an extraordinary intellectual document.

While Avatar Adi Da's other twenty-two "Source-Texts" are focused in His exposition of the Way of Adidam, The Basket Of Tolerance is His comprehensive examination of the Great Tradition of mankind — in other words, of the global and historical context within which He has made His Revelation of the Way of Adidam.

Thus, The Basket Of Tolerance focuses on the immense variety of historical expressions of the religious and Spiritual search, from prehistoric times to the present.

The core of The Basket Of Tolerance is a bibliographical listing of 5,000 documents (in all media — print and audio-visual), meticulously ordered by Avatar Adi Da in an elaborately subdivided sequence, to form a continuous "Argument".

Avatar Adi Da introduces that Argument with a series of ground-breaking Essays, and He comments on the bibliographical Argument, at numerous points, through a further series of over 100 essays relating to specific books (or groups of books) in the bibliography (covering a wide spectrum of topics).

Through the Argument of this annotated bibliography, Avatar Adi Da examines in detail the entire human religious search and demonstrates how there is truly a single process, composed of distinct (hierarchically related) stages (corresponding to the fourth, the fifth, and the sixth stages of life), evident in all the diversity of human religious history (previous to His Appearance here) — a process of which any given religious tradition represents a "piece".

While Avatar Adi Da's examination of the Great Tradition concentrates on the various global manifestations of religion and Spirituality, it also embraces the "practical" issues that relate to the human process of the first three stages of life — such as:

  • - understanding and right participation
    in the process of death
  • - right understanding and right use
    of the function of mind
  • - right circulation of energy within the body
  • - right physical exercise of the body
  • - right diet
  • - right emotional-sexual practice
    (whether sexually active or celibate)
  • - right living in the collective human context

...and so forth.

Altogether, The Basket Of Tolerance is the elaborately detailed "proof" that there is, indeed, a "perennial philosophy".

This philosophy, however, is not a single set of unified beliefs. Rather, it is a process, composed of distinctly different stages — and the points of view of the successive stages do not necessarily agree with one another.

Furthermore, those stages are not (ultimately) based on conceptual differences but on experiential differences relating to the various aspects of the esoteric anatomy of the human structure.

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